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Social responsibility

The management of Herti promotes the idea of the responsible business for the benefit not only of the company and the society, but also for improving social, economic and environmental development and the quality of life as a whole. The social responsibility is the management’s strategic choice to integrate the company in the social environment.

The management puts efforts to improve constantly the working conditions and to educate people for achieving mutual respect and identification with the company values.

Declaration for Corporate social responsibility

The established long standing good relations with the partners, customers and competitors enhance the confidence of society in Herti.

Herti works in collaboration with all public and government organizations because it is a part of the society. It strives to create favourable social surroundings in the municipality in which it operates. We are conscious of the needs for education, culture, health care and the environment as a whole. Our social responsibility and support for beneficial causes is acknowledged and rewarded by the municipality.